Getting Started with Acrobat and pdfEscape

  • Acrobat is a program made by Adobe, which can create pdfs (portable document files), edit pdfs, add comments and audio to pdfs as well as create fillable forms and enable Reader users to have some rights to save forms and add comments to a pdf. If you do not have Acrobat, you can do many of the same things using
  • Reader is a free Adobe program that "reads" pdfs. Acrobat is not free, but the advantage is that it can edit.
  • To create a pdf from any item open on your computer, even a webpage, go to Print (Control/Command P) and choose Adobe PDF for your printer. Nothing will come out of a printer; but to create a pdf, you must use a print driver. If you look in your printers, you will see Adobe pdf. Do not remove this printer or you will not be able to "print" pdfs. In Office 2007 and 2010, you can also use the Save As function and pull down the Filetype to pdf. In addition, you can use freeware such as Cute Writer to create pdfs; however, these programs will not edit pdfs and the pdfs may not be able to work with Acrobat editing. For example, if you use Office to create a pdf, you will not be able to create a form from it.
  • To learn more, I have several videos on topics. To access them, click on the Acrobat 8-9 or Acrobat 10 or PdfEscape pages listed on the left-hand sidebar. Or click below:
  • Acrobat 8-9 page
  • Acrobat 10 page
  • PdfEscape page

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  • Give me a call or send me an email, and I would be happy to help.


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